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PRE-school teacher


The teacher is responsible for developing and implementing an ongoing program of activities that promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child enrolled in the program, while teaching a Christian curriculum. The Teacher will coordinate the activities and assist the Senior Lead Teacher & Directors with assigned activities.


Roxborough Church and Roxy Education are looking for two high-energy  camp counselors for our in-person Summer 2023 Camp!

education assistant group supervisor 

The Education Assistant Group Supervisor works alongside the director and other staff to ensure a safe and fun environment for each and every child who attends Roxy Education programming.  Assistant Group-Supervisors are responsible for carrying out the daily programmatic, relational, and spiritual elements of Roxy Education.

Creative Arts, PRODUCTION, & Technology Coordinator

This position is responsible for creation of all Roxborough Church video content, as well as gathering and overseeing a team of volunteers. He/She must be detail oriented, a gifted storyteller, passionately creative, an idea generator, and a servant leader who has the ability to produce excellent work while guiding the team in developing their own skills.

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