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About us

Mission-We exist to glorify God by making disciples that know God's love, show God's love, and grow in God's love.

Vision-To be disciples of Jesus Christ that are making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our church leadership

Roxborough Church employs a staff committed to living out the Gospel of Christ. Extending a helping hand, gently listening, commenting with insight or simply lifting someone up with a prayer is what they do! They bring their God-given talents and a sense of humor so that the church glorifies God, functions smoothly and can respond to the needs of its community members.

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Ray Garcia
Roxbourough Church done-27.jpg
Crawford Clark
Charlie Jones

Campus Pastor at Wissahickon Church

Roxbourough Church done-22.jpg
Emmanuel Jackson Foltz

Children's Pastor/Director of Children's Ministry

Shawna Braton

Interim Director of Education

Roxbourough Church done-10.jpg
Joan Granato
Roxbourough Church done-7.jpg
Amy Karl

Mercy Ministries Coordinator

Roxbourough Church done-2.jpg
Claire Woods

Online Ministry Coordinator

Roxbourough Church done-31.jpg
Laurie Jones

Executive Assistant


The Session is the governing board of our Church. At Roxborough, the Session consists of up to twelve elders and the pastor. Elders are elected by the congregation for three-year terms. 

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Laurie Jones
Sue Corcoran
Ros Green
Leroy Mines
Sabrina Hillanbrand
Courteney Knight
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